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Holy Pictures

Luciano Raimondi is young and has this lovely italian/european catholic influence. I immediately felt a certain sympathy when I saw his look book fettered in Evoque’s Fashion Night contest because when I had to design the flyer for my final show at Polimoda I did the same: a holy picture of the “fashion patron saint”.

I couldn’t find much info about Raimondi who successfully completed his studies in fashion at the University of Applied Arts Vienna under Véronique Branquinho and Bernhard Willhelm in 2011, and than, luckily for him and his work, he received an Erasmus scholarship in 2008/09 and studied at the University of Arts Berlin under Stephan Schneider and visual communications under Anna Anders; he was also awarded the Fred Adlmüller scholarship and won the Swiss Textile Prize in 2011.

I connect his inspiration to the work of Pierre et Gilles and their friend Jean-Paul and some images I already showed you when I spoke about “No Fashion, please!”: also here among my favoured where two young Italians affected by the catholic southern Italy.

In this definition of  The French duo I see the sense of contemporary pop fashion: their painted photographs are stylistically unique, bearing a highly specialised aesthetic that is uniquely their own, yet their work is patently derivative, made from the overt mixing of preexisting imagery, styles, genres, and pictorial traditions. While all artists work under the influences of the visual world around them, Pierre et Gilles have taken the next step; their pictures are the result of a grab-bag of aesthetic interests and speak to a love affair with visual culture, taking equal pleasure in divinity and banality, beauty and smut.



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