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High Fashion Low Countries, designers collaborate for sustainability.

short dress by katrien van hecke

The “low countries” have, in my mind, a trademark of innovation and research as well as a special love for sperimental fashion that in the past made a large use of black and white.

But in the project ‘High Fashion Low Countries‘ for the first time three Belgian and three Dutch fashion designers collaborate focusing on the themes of sustainability, craftmanship, innovation and sustainable fashion.

The project was set up by the Dutch Embassy in Brussels with curators Javier Barcala and Eve-Marie Kuijstermans, and signed up Belgian designers Helena Lumelsky, Katrien Van Hecke and Céline De Schepper, and recruited Dutch designers Jantine van Peski, Natalie de Koning and Pauline Van Dongen.

Their creations want to be an example of what the “low countries” can make in high fashion, redefining the project itself. The exhibition was accompaigned by an open call for students, the launch of a film and magazine, a concert, network meetings and a series of lectures in Antwerp on slow fashion in collaboration with Flanders Fashion Institute after a tour in different locations between Amsterdam Fashion Week and ModoBrussels Parcours in the new MAD fashion centre in Brussels.

According to co-curator Javier Barcala, the participants represent “a new generation of designers who create high-end designs without fighting shy of sustainability, innovation and craftmanship.” Barcala made a film about the project, produced a fashion shoot for the magazine and has been doing pioneering work in the field of sustainable fashion for years, a.o. through his platform The Believers.


katrin van hecke

katrien van hecke_flower dress

high fashion low countries in the hair

celine de schepper

parquet-wear by celine de schepper

celine de schepper

lena lumelsy

time by lena lumelsy

high fashion low countries

diamond cutter by lena lumelsy

high heels fashion


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