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Heart Ringers and OXBOW in Bless

The Bless collection Spring/Summer 2010 and some shots of sweaters created for Bless by OXBOW.

Heart Ringers

In the Stables of 104 , the Bless presentation will appear as a game of balance between the models.  With beginners and the more experienced, forming human pyramids of multiple dimensions, these fragile connections evoking children games and circus exercises.  Everything will be dismantled to be remade in a movement, where each person is related to the other, to create an energetic, fluid, and improvised event.  This kind of balance and this spirit is at work in the Bless collection spring/Summer 2010.  Where elements of clothes, cut and reworked, give birth to surprising pieces, both sportswear and classic, loose and structured. More at Bless

Jo Meyer


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