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Hassan Hajjaj brings VOGUEarab to Florence at Aria Art Gallery

Hassan Hajjaj is sometimes defined as a modern Andy Warhol and the most famous maroccan artist of the contemporary Pop culture. This may be certainly sure but it is not my point.

He is showing at my friend Federica Cirri’s florentine Aria Art Gallery until the 5th of May.

What I am interested in is its subjects and in the proudness of their attitude. My mind goes back to M.I.A.’s Bad Girls and others like Lv&Okmalumkoolkat, Azealia and swaga fashion. It’s seems that proudness is winning and necessary in these days. It is a different form of creativity that brings “The Message” of Humanity. Hassan may not even have such explicit big intents but he has filtered this mood and influenced for sure imaginary and upcoming younger artists.

Visit his (I think not updated) old blog and read more about him on The Guardian. I’d love also some comments and suggestions of more artists in any field carrying this perspective.



julikafrombudapest. Senior Fashion and Art Editor
Juliana is an italian-austrian artist and designer. After academical art-studies and fashion Ba she started working as a free-lance in fashion business covering different roles to feed her curiosity, while her personal projects are growing out of her mouth and ears restless. She is born in Vienna in the past century, loves her savage dogs, lives now in Florence, and travels every time she can.


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