Design Catwalk
Gentlemen suffer for fashion

Gareth Pugh

Karl Lagerfeld and his muse Jean-Baptiste Giacobini

Marc Jacobs on heel

Can you figure out when a specific theme is recurring in your conversations with friends for days? There’s a start and then it always comes back: it seems like a sign, convincing you to do something with that.
It happened to me with the high-heels for men theme last week, input a discussion about trans-gender preferencies in matter of sex with a friend.
Then, every case was about that: Lady Gaga video Alejandro, a friend (male) showing me his photo on stilettos as a joke, a designer I met at a party, so elegant and rock-glam styled on platforms…So I started looking for other referencies and I remebered 2010 S/S men collections by Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs and his “suffer for fashion” and the last but not the least Karl Lagerfelds’ muse Jean-Baptiste Giacobini on heels in the upcoming 37th edition of Calendario Pirelli.
By the way, men on heels of about 4 inches are not so new! I would define it as a come back that is spreading in several wildly different milieus. The real matter is that the man-heel or “meel” is getting in males collective imagination as natural and accepted. The question is: are today women’s competitors men on stiletto heels?



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