Design Catwalk
Gareth Pugh brings stripes and stars at Corso Como 10

Melissa is a brand I never found very interesting, funny or cute maybe, but nothing I could ever think to buy. I am not fond of plastic shoes even if I have to admit I have two pairs of Marni plastic sandals that some friends have given to me years ago.  Nevertheless I must say that Melissa has changed a lot in recent years, both in communication than in style, they are promoting more and more interesting collaborations with international designers and they manifest an eco side that deserves all my respect.

The last week I was invited to Corso Como 10, my favorite place in Milan, the perfect shop where I can spend time dreaming to buy all the compelling pieces they sell; the concept store has been chosen for the presentation of the new shoes designed by Gareth Pugh for Melissa. I witnessed an event rich of graphic explosions, stripes and stars welcomed me in the shop while Gareth was wandering in the entrance hall from an interview to another.

The British designer has proposed two different pieces, the more classic ballerina “open toe” which Gareth has simply decorated with his patterns, and the “Aileron”, a brand new sandal which takes inspiration from the Scottish architectural shapes of “The Armadillo” in Glasgow. Although Melissa has already collaborated with several other brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Gaetano Pesce, Jean Paul Gaultier and Jason Wu, Gareth Pugh has a special and closer relationship with the Brazilian brand, they have in fact provided shoes for his second show. I think the designer has done a very good work, along with the pairs of Gaetano Pesce and Jean Paul Gaultier, the Aileron are the ones I prefer more.



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