Design Catwalk

Photos: courtesy of Rag Pony

Flatter, to be meant as “more flat”, seems to be a new trend in fashion photography. Lately I happened to see more than one exemple of this trend: A thoughtful fashion shoot entitled Seasonals in the autumn/winter 2010/11 issue of The Gentlewoman magazine, showed a pyramid of clothing excluding the model. The photos were taken by Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes and styled by Jonathan Kaye, and this team, as I discovered after a quick search, repeated this kind of experiment on the third issue of the same magazine, in another fashion shoot called Pristine.

Another great example of this trend is the new issue of COS magazine, released by the super cool brand owned by the Hennes & Mauritz group (H&M). Among many interesting articles about design, architecture and lifestyle, there is a brilliant shooting of folded garments in close ups on details, in a very innovative way. Skirts that become Rothko paintings, a pocket of an asymmetric dress becomes a cut in a canvas, Lucio Fontana like, and my favourite, a pleated wool skirt, with a neat orange stripe in front and all its folds slightly out of focus in the background, like an alien landscape.

Now that I think about it, also in their previous issue they made something similar: flat garments folded together to compose abstract new shapes.

It looks like this pictures are referring to a very demanding consumer, detail conscious, tired of the same cliché about beautiful dresses on beautiful women.

Or maybe it’s just a new way to save money on models…



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