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Fashion is my Religion. Manon Kundig’s Mandalas.

The end of the world was near to come and appearantly I didn’t realize how much it influenced us. Manon Kundig graudated on her Master in Antwerp in 2012 and prepared for it with inflatable protective clothes, scary faces, and the protection of monsters and cats (who are taking over the world if you don’t know yet).

According to her NJAL interview she spent 4 years learning how to saw in Switzerland, and her future-retro-gotic collection didn’t look in fact only sensational or print based but quite constructed and detailed with hard 3D work. With her second collection Bowerbird she went further: maybe she wasn’t afraid of the God’s so much anymore or she had seen the same video I had, explaining in a wonderful loving and positive way that the world is not ending but radically changing. ALREADY. Nature is our God and Master, and that’s why we need a joyful peace coloured Mandala as Manon’s shooting pictures and printed scarves, in order to try to make this change happen for good.

What made me immediately feel in line with Manon is where she says that “I am able to guess people’s occupations and characteristics without meeting them, and quite often I’m right. Maybe I would be good at human resources, although I would deliberately hire the wrong people.” That’s me; and it is fun. People used to get mad at me because I look, stare at people all the time. But I love it…it’s anthropological research.

I’ll print a Mandala out for my prayers corner. Fashion is my Religion.




julikafrombudapest. Senior Fashion and Art Editor
Julika is an italian-austrian artist and designer. After academical art-studies and fashion Ba she started working as a free-lance in fashion business covering different roles to feed her curiosity, while her personal projects are growing out of her mouth and ears restless. She is born in Vienna in the past century, loves her savage dogs, lives now in Florence, and travels every time she can.


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