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Fashion Collages for an Image Maker: Elisa Valenzuela

Honestly I don’t remember where I found Elisa Valenzuela’s website link but I liked the fresh attitude in the fashion illustration: an evolution mixture between the ’90 trend in fashion and photography, combined with comics, to create japanese volumes in imaginary “fashion mangas”.
I have a special passion for fashion illustration and for the collage media, so I contacted Elisa for a few questions and waiting for her answers I was luckily pushed to start a new research in that field that soon I’ll post on DC!

Elisa Valenzuela, who collaborates with agencies as House of Gonzague, describes herself as an “image maker”; I find this description very poetic and different from other cold professional definitions.

She says: “I had very early interest in fashion photography. I began making collages when I got a commission for a dutch trend magazine called provider. I worked on it, destroying and making pictures. Now I am using this knowledge and this interest everyday; an agency specialised in fashion and luxury proposed me to practice art direction. I love to have this both hats!

I previously wrote about another “fashion collagist” who launched her own fashion brand: you never know from where you start and where you can arrive, especially in fashion, but If I would have to give suggestions to someone who wants to do some illustration, or to organise a workshop with students or even a creative afternoon with friends, I would do suggest to do something with the collage technique. Ironic an immediate.



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