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the most incredible piece! a FUTURISTIC FAUCET

While London is running and turning around fashion shows, Milan and Paris and New York host fashion weeks and one trade show after an other, and generally all people working in fashion biz have one of their busiest months of the year, I had to think of Barthel.
I have a really busy month too, and this September is so sunny and mild that it doesn’t help at all: I used to love, while studying, to go on holiday in September, but it’s not aloud anymore.

So why Riccardo Barthel?
Last March, after a cold winter, while a shy sun apperead in Florence to accompain Taste food fair (by Pitti Immagine)I took some time to visit one of the the “outside” events; so I entered an empty shop, at first sight, where I should find wine tasting and one or two specialties of italian culinary tradition….Soon I discovered that this shop was bigger and bigger and that everything was happening in the back and the internal court: an elegant bar keeper from Venice serving Bellini, a cook preparing organic tagliatelle pesto or pomarola, wine, books, cheese, but most of all books, kitchen tools, and everything you need to design your interiors: tiles, fabrics, beautiful vintage furniture, also for the bathroom, just everything! The atmosphere was incredible: like a magic box that opens in front of your eyes with hundreds of things and details you knew they exhisted but you never had the chance to see all at once, and not abandoned in a corner or maybe hopefully waiting at a vintage market, but proud exhibited and very neear to a bright new life.
The staff explained me that specialized craftsmen, that are so hard to find nowadays, transform and customize pieces on clients’ choice, besides proposals made by the direction.

There was kind of a fashion philosophy behind all this, but more friendly…like only a “home” can be.
Here the link for the website, that doesn’t anyhow offer anything similar to the real experience during an event. So take the chance and hope that the next Taste will offer a new collaboration!



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