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Embodying ethics

Project Details:

Embodying Ethics
Embodying Ethics is an attempt of creating a Critical Design positioning to produce Socially Responsive design. The objects question the narrative of production, its material, origin, manufacturing but also challenges the narrative of consumption, creating new interaction and social experiences. The focus of this work is to examine Designs ability to ask carefully crafted questions than just provide solutions. The objects question ethics, create dilemma, provoke debate, raise awareness and allows design to deal with more complex human emotions and values. This project Embodying Ethics works on a methodology called the Ethical Design System, which is used as a tool for innovation to create ‘new objects’. These new objects are justified for their existence as they replace values of consumption and destruction with reflection and appreciation.

Cow Leg Trouser
An archetype of a trouser in leather that fits a human form transforms to fit one leg of a cow. A reminder of its origin and mass commodification of a living form into an object.

Hunter Jacket
The hunter jacket that transforms into a Ram’s head wall mount. A suggestion of a trophy for hunting, as a pleasure activity. The transformation narrates the use/function of the jacket.

Sheep Organ Bag
A sheep skin hand bag that holds within the organs of the sheep as compartments. A suggestion of its victim + source and an attempt to provoke a reflection on this mass produced and consumed object.

Tree shadow chair
A blond wood chair with an upholstery that transforms into a shadow of a tree. A reflection on the mass consumption and on issues of deforestation and destruction of animal habitat.


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