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Elvira ‘t Hart Just Like a wizard or Mary Poppins. Draw it and it’s there.

Elvira ‘t Hart is born in ’88. You may stupidly think that she has not enough experience to craft her sketches properly but the concept she is developing since her graduation collection is incredibly sintetic.

If you are an “academical” born designer you love sketching and if your hand is talented your graphik signs on papaer have their very own beauty. Why not make that happen visually, on clothes? I have dreamt many times of myself, like a happy Mary Poppins, just shaking my hands, my nose, or smiling to transform a sketch immediately in a garment.

Elvira is not yet there but she has done a nice work with the magic power of laser cut. She says: With my own drawings as inspiration my aim is to have the same look and feeling in my collection as a sketch. I find quick sketches to be the most interesting to look at: lines which end suddenly or parts that disappear. It leaves something to the imagination. Only essential information is given, you reduce something to only lines and surfaces of black and white. A drawing doesn’t have to be finished or complete to give the viewer an idea of what is depicted.

pics from her website, fashion clash and blend while her collection can be found at White in Milan from 23rd to 25th of February.


julikafrombudapest. Senior Fashion and Art Editor
Julika is an italian-austrian artist and designer. After academical art-studies and fashion Ba she started working as a free-lance in fashion business covering different roles to feed her curiosity, while her personal projects are growing out of her mouth and ears restless. She is born in Vienna in the past century, loves her savage dogs, lives now in Florence, and travels every time she can.


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