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Domenico Romeo: intimacy in a flow of signs.


Today I want to introduce you a great graphic artist, Domenico Romeo, self invented, who merges love for calligraphy and alphabets with oriental taste with a strong relationship to fashion, street culture, and applied arts in general. Here the exclusive interview for DC.

J-how did you start? where does your love and talent come from?
D.R.-I can’t say how I started. I don’t remember the day I decided to draw for the first time. But I know I’ve always been looking for a way to express my self. I’ve always loved the secrecy, the intimacy, the personal aspect and the flow of signs left  on the paper from a pen driven by a hand. I’ve always loved gothic letters and unknown alphabets.

J-How is your career now and how has it evolved from what you have built during the your studies? (sometimes thing go around very differently as expected)
D.R.-I see my career and my life changing month by month. Only four years ago I was studying law and now I’m explaining you about my artistic work. Everything is evolving day by day and the most exciting thing is I can’t imagine my tomorrow.

J-What is the interaction between digital art and handcraft and painting? what field are yo closer to in your background and now?How do you relate to fashion?
D.R.-My day, my life and so my career are divided between digital and handcrafted work. I need to keep these two aspects divide so there isn’t interaction. I need to use computer for my graphic works and then I need to escape from technology to find myself in a handmade work.
I refuse a field or definition to enclose my work, I’m a creative person and the most fun thing for a creative person is to freely move his work in different creative fields. So I can work on walls or on paper, like on clothes. To me fashion is the most exciting field where strange things happen. It’s a parallel world, out of reality,  where every brand, every collection tells an incredible story. It’s like a game where you could be a player. But it’s important you don’t mix up game with real life. So…. I love playing.

J-Are you able to combine ‘necessary work’ to your interests?
D.R.-My “necessary work” is half of my interests. I love graphic design and now I can do anything else. I need to work like designer to know rules that design imposes, so when I paint for myself I can break each and everyone of these rules. For half of my current work I solve communication problems helping clients to create understandable message for wide audience. For the other half, my artistic work makes communication a problem because the cryptic letters I creat are decodable only by me. So this two halves forms “the whole”.

J-Here on DC I talk about the connections between the life of fashion, art, sociology. How do you do your research? What would you never give up?
D.R.-I research in every instant of my life. I research reading a book. I research talking to people or walking towards home. And I can never stop watching my reflection in a mirror. Not for vanity, but to discover every time those unknown details on my face that reminds me I’m not explored enough, so I must continue to search within through my works.

J-Which are the artists you have discovered latest and where, and which ones have never disappointed you?
D.R.-Travellig for painting walls I meet lots of interesting artists.  2501 is one of them, every single one of his work is perfect for me. There are others from street art I like a lot, such as Tellas, Ciredz, 108, Alberonero, SBAGLIATO.

J-An art-tip of a city that you love?
D.R.-I consider London the capital of street art and culture of the cities I’ve just visited. But I know I have to travel more before I can decide which one is my favorite art city.

J-Future projects?
D.R.-Something on fabric. But the best future project would be my flight to stockholm in two weeks.

J-Current readings, printed or/and online?
D.R.-I’m almost finished reading “Grass on the Wayside”, a book of Natsume Soseki. then my periodic magazines like WAD, Monocle, The New Order. Sometimes Inventory. Online websites I daily follow are: arrested motion,, hypbeast, dazed&confused, pitchfork.

juliana de nicola


juliana de nicola. Senior Fashion and Art Editor
Juliana is an italian-austrian artist and designer. After academical art-studies and fashion Ba she started working as a free-lance in fashion business covering different roles to feed her curiosity, while her personal projects are growing out of her mouth and ears restless. She was born in Vienna in the past century, loves her savage dogs, lives now in Florence, and travels every time she can.


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