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Documents of Desire and Disaster

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Elton John – This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore
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For as long as I have known myself I have been a devotee for fashion photography. Tried it myself actually, and as an enthusiast, I tried a couple of photography competitions too. I believe photography, in terms of fashion to be specific, has got one rule only; the crazier the better. Talking about photography: out of the box, a beloved fashion -GURU- photographer is in Istanbul for an exhibition. David LaChapelle is brought to the fashionistas in partnership with the famous Paul Kasmin Gallery of New York. Paul Kasmin Gallery for who may not live in the sparkling city of New York have hosted artists, photographers, creators from around the globe in the past namely; Andy Warhol, Barry Flanagan, Frank Stella, Les Lalannes and Walton Ford and still, is one of the most respected galleries in terms of ground breaking exhibitions. Paul Kasmin Gallery is now bringing the world of creating in to a different environment for a culture fusion. David LaChapelle, ‘the photographer of illusions’ has photographed over dozens of celebrities in search for a better editorial and advertorial photography in today’s disposable-culture*.
By this I am referring to the never-lasting of things, objects even relationships. Everything is so fast that even a glimpse into anything is too much. David LaChapelle fascinatingly turns what we call objects, in to identity owning beings with an envisioning point of view. Both fashion and art world now has a nickname for him, they call him the next ‘Bad Boy’ after the legendary Newton. The Documents of Desire and Disaster shows variety of LaChapelle’s works that carry a certain sense of surreal tracks in order to show the anti-seriousness of the celebrity/fashion world. Having celebrities in relation to death, fear, existence and belief is perhaps and unconventional way to portray these characters such as; Paris Hilton, Uma Thurman, or even Alexander McQueen. However, David has an innate talent in doing so. The exhibition depicts the half-way between what is desired and what turns out to be disasters, implicit on the title. Amanda Lepore; a nightlife hostess, entertainer and known as a fashion icon who also is one of David’s muse was at the opening being photographed with her own frame. Besides photography, this guru expanded his reputation towards other visual medias essentially, video. David LaChapelle has shot not only music videos for singers including No Doubt, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Moby but also, commercials for beloved TV shows as; Desperate Housewives, Lost and tv commercials for Burger King and our favorite beauty center: Boots from the United Kingdom. The music video for Elton John and the promo for Lost is provided in the videos below, literally adding value in a different way that is in compliments with the artist. All his works, for sure shows who he is as a person, how he related to the non-sense world of popular culture and the reality beneath the person in the frame.
We love you David.

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