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Design Catwalk loves: Le Cù

LeCù Creative Lab are Claudia Mannelli Ortiz and Alice Lou Tanzarella from Prato, Italy. Prato is famous for its great tradition in producing regenerated wool and other fabrics, for knitwear, for the Chinese community, for its cake shops and the confectionery fair, for producing many deisgner’s collections, for its “cenci” (second hand clothes which have been collected since after war), and for its contemporary art collections and gallerists: Now I think it’s time for working together with Florence and gain its name also for the upcoming fashion scene: I am personally working for this purpose ’cause I believe in it.

….what better than Le Cù? I know them because I became friend with Alice who’s my personal “goodmood” pusher and I think they’ve built a great image and concept though they have (as many others) a very little budget, also with the help of Martina Alessi (communication and graphics).

Their aim is to experiment collaborations in different fields, especially theatre and performance and they start to communicate it starting from their brand which is written in BRAILLE and forces you to the tactile experience.

Their card says: “To feed the need for irrational consumerism over the fashion products is spread a thin layer of images, meanings and memories, that replace the ruling ‘Time of Fashion’ that can be destroyed in the blink of an eye to the time of usage. if ‘Fashion’s Time’ is so lightning would it make more sense to make its products with less lasting materials?

“Si possono fare contemporaneamente azioni contraddittorie in un unico refrigerante respiro” – “You can take simultaneously contradictory actions during a single refrigerant breath” T.Tzara

you can see Le Cù’s “Artisanal Collection” at The Fashion Room in Florence until the end of January



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