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Design Catwalk loves… Kevin Kramp, from Minneapolis a gorgeous men’s knitwear designer

Kevin Kramp is a men’s knitwear designer I met in the Marais area during the Paris Fashion Week, an event organized by RA that dedicates a separate edition to menswear, using its Paris location to explore different facets of masculinity.  His work is astonishing, sophisticated and incredibly experimental. He combines new shapes with luxury fibres of angora, mohair, cashmere, wool, cotton, textured silks and nylons, in a wide range of colours, sewing techniques and jacquard patterns.

He studied Fashion Design with Knitwear at London’s Central St. Martins College of Art and Design and in our talk he told me he had prestigious collaboration with a lot of Italian yarn manufacturers such as Filati Be.Mi.Va., Loro Piana, Olimpias, Pecci Filati, Pinori Filati etc. I popped in the exhibition space speaking to Kevin in english, I knew he came from Minneapolis, but after a while he surprised me answering my questions in italian. I found out that he loved Italy a great deal and that he had spent one year in Bologna.

My first question was about a personal need

M: “where can I buy your sweaters?”
K: “sorry, the collection is only for men”.
M: AARGH, I’m too small to wear these pieces of art. Tiny tiny Morethanlove!

I really love the colours and the shapes that combine an eastern sense of style (kimono) and glamour with european solutions.

Bravo Kevin!



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