Design Catwalk
The Designer + The Consumer = CO-LAB

The Designer role is changing. The consumer is increasingly participating in the design process, digitally. Cari Marsden, a British Fashion Designer who has recently finished her MA in Digital Fashion at London College of Arts, translated this idea in a project called CO-LAB, presenting the designer and the consumer with the opportunity to co-design as one brand.

CO-LAB is a formalised collection made up of modular garments layered and bound together, using traditional knotting and threading techniques. Together the designer and consumer will co-create the end look. Knotting, threading, tying and combining as one. The CO-LAB digital interface creates an environment where the CO-LAB community can experiment, design, select and facilitate.

Cari was mainly inspired by body modification and surgery. She looked at tribal biomedical interpretations and through experimental pattern cutting created innovative silhouettes which also emphasised a female body through curvaceous seamlines and exposing laser cut holes. The traditional tribal inspired shapes were contrasted with a clinical and fresh colour palette of whites and blues to create an overall very modern look. Cari was also inspired by artists such as Maurizio Anzeri and Bridget Riley in order to create an optical illusion grid where cords could be fixed and tied onto, allowing the consumer or designer to modify the female body even more so.



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