Design Catwalk
Claudia Ligari minimal avant-garde

Claudia Ligari is an Italian womenswear designer and a minimalist. With conceptual ambitions she works with forms that hide the figure while exposing flesh in certain areas. Combining contrasting and often innovative materials her creations remain light and dynamic. Structured creations and soft elements are juxtaposed with a perfect edge in colour palettes that include black, white, and only some greys as a variation, creating an atmosphere of pure neutrality while at the same time breathing in the feeling of freshness into them.

She says I’m just aiming to make clothes that are interesting and a bit more wearable. Clothes that you don’t have to wear to a red carpet event or premiere. I don’t want to be super, super, famous and have all these people worshipping me. I just want to sell my clothes to people who appreciate my style.

Claudia’s work is meticulously crafted: an artsy approach adding an extra touch for those who cultivate an avant-garde aesthetic, an experiment with geometric cuts and exciting mixed materials, creating ready to wear handmade sculptures that preserve individuality in every single garment, to get an allure of purity and minimal-chic elegance.



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