Design Catwalk
China in Paris

What do you know about chinese designers? It took a while to think about it; and I actually thought about the Chinese-Americans more as Americans though I don’t know if they feel a divided loyalty: I know from my experience that If you are bilingual, or you parents come from different countries, or you’re grown up in different places you tend to feel ambivalent, which can have significant repercussions. So Derek Lam, Jimmy Choo, Phillip Lim will all tell us a dfferent story.

On the other hand also, and most of all, I think that the country where you study, you find your friends, will affect a lot your interests and your work: here in Florence (and all Europe) many Chinese designers come to get their fashion BA…

These few words to tell you that I don’t really know how to talk about chinese fashion, but I had an initial look at it during Paris Fashion week. I found really interesting projects, and in some of them I suppose I saw ‘China’ in its traditional manner, in some others I saw it more influenced by contemporary western culture and some “avant-gard” european fashion.

Hosted in a beautiful Palace, with the support of Fédération Francais de la Couture, du Pret à Porter des couturiers et des créateurs de mode and the organizers China National Garment Association and Fashion InLife designers and artist showed their work at an axhibition and a fashion show.

Here the list if you want to explore the world of chinese designers!

Shiatzy Chen, Guo Pei, Shi Jie, Masha Ma, Jin Chongyu, Wang Hongying, Liu Fang, Yue Lin, Shangguan Zhe, Uma Wang, Zhang Wenhui, Zao Huizhou; and artists Huang Zhiyang, Zhong Biao, Guo Jian



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