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Chiara Scarpitti . Jewellery innovation and Reaction Poétique

Innovation is increasingly rare to find in the myriad of products we stumble upon every day. Sometimes it is almost depressing, wandering through events not to see anything new. Thankfully there are exceptions made up of people who can see beyond the barriers of aesthetic cliches. Chiara Scarpitti is one of these exceptions, her jewels are very special, they are created by a mixture of different materials which define a strong style.

The design approach is alchemic. The starting point of alchemy is the unity of matter: matter is one, but can take myriad forms and be combined in many others inexhaustible ways. From raw material borns also the work of a designer. Both a designer that an alchemist work with the idea of “practice trasmutatoria”. For both, values are given specifically to the mass, space, light and shadow, and is active the participation of the body to these physical elements. Both live and think the object of their search. Oriented research, however, to the “recovery of manual dexterity, to the practical experiment, to the verify in the laboratory”.

The haute couture tailoring techniques, along with inkjet prints on silk combine the industrial chemical cut steel to create a new type of jewellery between design and craftsmanship, unicity and seriality. There’s an attempt to return with an aura of mystery and magic in who wears this jewel. Reactions between jewelry and body, between jewelry and another, between jewelry and the space around him, “Reaction Poétique”.

I love her prints as well as the shape and material choice, I found it as a very innovative mix. Chiara definitely has talent not only for jewellery but also for what is magic, maybe everything she touches turns to gold. We hope so!



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