Design Catwalk
Bombay Electric!

I was very busy working in Bombay but one thing my friend and designer Sara Bardotti told me I could not miss is the shop Bombay Electric.
This funky place right behind the Taj Mahal and the Taj Hotel (where I saw beautiful women in rich embroidered saris, creating an ancient and truly Indian atmosphere) was described by Paper Mag as “the spot for the hippest Indian designers” and by Superfuture as “India’s answer to progressive hybrid design and fashion”

Selling Vintage, pop or classic Jewellery, funky and traditional clothing, and all indian trendy designers (that unfortunately are not listed on the web site…but I’ll write about them!), Bombay Electric won’t let you go home with an empty shopping bag.

I bought a Manish silk scarf, a wonderful Rachana Reddy wooden clutch (love it!!!), a vintage silver anklet, and an electric Ganesha for my prayer’s corner!



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