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Bethan Laura Wood | Super Fake? We don’t think so!

Bethan Laura Wood with her lamp Totem

I met Bethan Laura Wood during the Milan furniture week, a girl who doesn’t go unnoticed for sure, she’s a multifaceted talent that’s hard to identify. As soon as you start to define her, she moves elsewhere; she created jewellery, tables, scarves and who knows what else she has in mind. Since she finished her studies, she set up her own practice WOOD London, designing and producing a range of objects with very interesting patterns realized both on beautiful garments and on furniture. The first thing I thought when I saw her was: “what a beautiful scarf”, and then “oh yes the table”, this make me more and more aware of the fashion pathology inside me (once I used to be obsessed by furniture). Her rock patterns “Superfake” are amazing. She became fascinated by making a fake of a fake, re-interpreting the laminates, which often are interpretations themselves of real minerals and rock. I met Bethan at Nilufar Gallery, a very sunny girl indeed, I could feel her energy in a very genuine way. She re-contextualizes elements from existing everyday objects, combined with research into the constituent elements of a modern city. Bethan is fascinated by the connections we make with the objects that surround us and, as a collector herself, likes to explore what drives people to hold onto a particular object while discarding another. The Observer has included her name in its “Future 500 Top Ten for Fashion and Retail”, as a talent to watch (just to give you some tips of the girl we are talking about). I love her work, in her creations there’s a very consistent although extremely diversified approach to the different applications.



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