Design Catwalk

b&w pics by Lander Larranaga

KARLOTALASPALAS finds inspiration in her own human nature, her deepest feelings, her everyday surroundings, all makes part of a whole that walks towards us over the catwalk when she shows us her collections.

While watching her last/award winner collection “Believe” my sight blends between the lines, the textures and neutral colors on her clothes, inspired on the sculpture of Giuseppe Sanmartino il Cristo Velato in Napoli, the dust over head, hands and boots, recalls a marble sculptor right after working on a masterpiece, the drapings in linen and cotton are inspired on the veil over Christ’s corpse. Simple but full of meaning. Everything feels so sincere, clear and pure while watching this collection of white marble dust wanderers; their strong walk, the optimist atmosphere.

This Barcelona based Spanish designer has won twice the male collection 080 Barcelona Fashion award, with 29 years old and almost 4 years over the catwalks she s probably one of the most remarkable emerging young Spanish designers of this times. KARLOTALASPALAS says she feels more comfortable making males clothes. She thinks the future is uncertain, while she concentrates to bring her clothes closer to the people and for that she gets support with her NO SEASON showroom in Paris. She believes, she creates, while her pieces propose strength, simplicity and a positive attitude.



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