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Baja East and the Loose Lux Lesson

Baja East was founded by John Targon and Scott Studenberg, two former sales workers for ultra luxe brands like Lanvin,  Céline, Burberry. If the first rule is “Know your customer” the two certainly started with a perfect background.

I used to work too as sales assistant in high end brands like Fendi, Loro Piana, Zegna, made to measure couture and I have two say it gives a totally different perspective of the various target of customers to someone who rather tends to design for himself, like a designer, or often for an ideal world/person.

As Baja East founders say, after buying and styling clothes for themselves, specially during trips, always admired by friends and colleagues, it was easy to define the Baja East concept that embodies the philosophy called by the designers “loose luxury”. A Lifestyle mix of coziness, natural materials, balinese blankets, ikats, jacquard, softest calfskin, blue colors as a clear and deep bay for a beach-bohemian newyorkish image.

juliana de nicola

All pics from their instagram profile.


juliana de nicola. Senior Fashion and Art Editor
Juliana is an italian-austrian artist and designer. After academical art-studies and fashion Ba she started working as a free-lance in fashion business covering different roles to feed her curiosity, while her personal projects are growing out of her mouth and ears restless. She was born in Vienna in the past century, loves her savage dogs, lives now in Florence, and travels every time she can.


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