Design Catwalk
Anita Hirlekar: a splash of fashion

Some months ago I was in Paris, and I went to the Beaubourg to see the exhibition of Gerhard Richter’s painting. Alongwith more figurative works, there were also some abstract paintings , very complex and rich in colors. That’s what I thought when I saw Anita Hirlekar‘s dresses: it’s like if someone used Richter’s paintings to dress up.

Anita’s dresses are like splashes of colour to wear, and to get this result she used felt:

“I used hand felting technique in conjunction with print to achieve different textures. I also wanted to use the felting technique in the construction of the garment so there are no seams in the entire collection, all of the dresses are handfelted together. Along with playing artistically with the textile, I wanted the dresses to have volume and be asymmetrical so that every angle is different from each other.”



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