Design Catwalk
Thirtythree girls chasing a white butterfly at Albino catwalk

Last week I was invited to Albino catwalk, I was too busy to go elsewhere but, after seeing their last collections at White Fashion show, I could not help but go to the presentation and witness an elegant and incisive work.

It’s always interesting to see a collection inspired by an artistic concept and admiring the personal interpretation of the brand, in this case it’s a bit like wearing a work of art. The collection’s silhouettes take shape from the 1958 painting of surrealist Max Ernst: “33 fillettes partant la chasse of a papillon blanc.”

Beautiful architectural volumes have been combined with innocent feminine figure, where sophistication is not sacrificed to the word innovation, the clothes lines define a discreet style with essential  constructions.

“The antique technique of frottage has been applied to the fabrics: toiles a patronage used to cut the first canvasses are printed with enamels and lamé or thickened to make them more full-bodied. Collage and ripping in surrealist paintings are translated into a research for three-dimension as well as also in the pure lines and measured volumes and in the matching of coarse cotton crepe to silk, of lamé to the acetate mikado double, all this in a contrast between organic and techno. So, as in Ernst’s painting, the butterfly is not represented but perceived by the irregular brush stokes, it’s the techniques used in the collection that convey the presence of the butterfly: petal embroideries (either degrade or brush painted), appliqués in airbrushed organza and georgette and prints with the wings’ graphics in animalier.  Kimono sleeves, skirts and dresses made with a single fabric panel and cocoon capes and dust coats, or the contrast between rounded and squared lines, wheels and rectangles. Everything is finalised to making even the garments made with the heavier and technical fabrics look light and aerial.”



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