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Agi&Sam . Don’t take fashion too seriously

I don’t know if fashion should be taken seriously, the thing I know is that this duo of designers is not kidding at all, at least when it comes to style. Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton (the surname could be defined in Latin as “nomen omen”, your name is your destiny) are two guys very skilled, they collaborated for international guru of fashion such as Karl Lagerfield, Alexander McQueen and many others. Their collections are very avant-garde in the style, in the lines and in the approach to fashion, maybe they are a signal that something is changing, Agi&Sam are two fashion designers playing and having fun with what they do and not acting like stars. Actually I met many young designers who are taking the profession more seriously, we need new stuff guys! It’s becoming harder finding really interesting talents. I love the design of the fabrics, I would wear all their collections all at once if I could. Both summer and winter collections define a very personal look. You guys have the tools to create a brand new closet, Agi&Sam are definetely our suggestion!


Below a song that I would suggest for their next video!!!


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