Design Catwalk
Acrobats of God

Spring Summer 2010 Debut Collection
Acrobats of God, designed and founded by Nicole Brundage, is a shoe brand with a new concept. A marriage between a concept of function: form-fitting comfort, mobility and usability and a concept of style: grace and youth and energy….

“I am on the edge…. I am an explorer of questions and answers, a life trend-setter…. I am a performer on the frontier of my movements, on the edge of my thoughts, my style….. I stretch between the adrenoline of flying and the satisfaction of landing. I am searching for the extraordinary in the ordinary…. I am an Acrobat of God, a diplomat of my perceptions, my own fashion, and I bring grace and style into the every-day kaleidoscope of wonder and energetic inspiration…..”

Sales Marco Zappatore
Press Andrea Pilastro


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