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Founded in 2008, DesignCatwalk was created by Enza Morello, creative director of St.Francis Design.Communication to offer an edgy, exclusive and fresh perspective on anything new going on in fashion and design worldwide.

DesignCatwalk staff is always on the move to detect the latest news, and got more and more known in the fashion business, gaining visibility and acknowledgements. DesignCatwalk is supported by an extensive network of independent designers, journalists, fashion experts that joined our weekly newsletter with enthusiasm and constant demonstrations of appreciation.


We have the unique position to allow you to communicate your products and services to our fashion pr/marketing/journalists contacts as well as to our readers. You can choose to be our unique sponsor for a year or more and to be involved as partner in every Design Catwalk activity. Want to sponsor a shooting? Want to be the unique sponsor of our future TrendBook magazine? Or on our guerrilla marketing projects? Do you have a contest idea? How about sponsoring our in coverage of an event like Milan Design Week and Fashion Week? We can be the perfect reporter for your coolhunting needs.


Design Catwalk is not only an online fashion blog and a coolhunting space, but also a team of international experienced professionals in the fields of fashion and design that can provide a variety of services.
Some tasks that we can easily cover include:

* Web design
* Fashion movies and video interviews
*Social Media experts

* Corporate blogging (ghost bloggers)
* Online Fashion Editing
* Coolhunting pictures

* Photographic trend reports of the main fashion/design events
* Fashion illustrations
* Trend book

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